Do you need a breakthrough in your life, like now?

I know what that's like. I'm Kimberly Krueger, and I believe that not only is your breakthrough possible, but NOW is the time for it! 

For years I was blind, hiding from the truth and making excuses. For me. And for the ones I loved. As I was raising my eleven children in the atmosphere of addiction, I hoped and prayed that everything would just turn out okay. But in 2007, my dream of a big happy family was hijacked, violently, by the chemical addiction of someone I loved very much. I was no longer blind and wasn't willing to hide from the truth.

I wanted something better for myself and for my children. I was tired of living in a pit. And with blind faith in God's promises, I forged ahead believing it was attainable.   

One by one...

I overcame the relational and mostly self-imposed obstacles that had kept me feeling powerless, frustrated and miserable with myself and all of my relationships for years.

I now see life through a different set of eyes...eyes opened to a knew way of life that is totally possible for me: True to my faith, myself, my purpose and those that I love.

As I've crossed over "to the other side" and shared my story with others, I have been asked this question many times:

"How did you get from there.... to here? What happened in between?"

 I pondered this question deeply. I took it to God and asked Him to show me what the answer was. I knew the foundation for my breakthrough was my deep faith in God, but what else was at work in my life? What were the key factors that worked together to create the powerful change I had been so desperate for and ultimately get me my breakthrough?

Today, I can answer that question.. authoritatively! My desperate struggle led to a discovery and I now know exactly what was at work in my life to produce breakthrough after breakthrough -- in every area. 

I have since written it down and teach it as a formula and I can assure you, it will work in any and every area of your life. This powerful formula is still working for me today! I live it because it is as natural to me now as breathing. (And it hasn't ever failed me.) When I need a breakthrough, I know what is necessary to get it. 

And you better believe I implemented this formula after my accident last fall, too! I am happy to say that it is working for me so well, that I ran a half marathon just 11 months after being hit by a car. Now that is a breakthrough!

This incredible content, that I call, The Formula for Breakthrough, is the treasure I attained after of years of blood, sweat, prayers and tears. And because one of my main motivations during my darkest days was to someday help others like me, this formula was never meant for me alone. I consider it a gift and a privilege to have struggled and made this life-changing discovery, in order to help you succeed and find freedom.

That is why I teach this powerful and simple formula as a FREE Teleseminar. I promise you, my formula is simple to understand, but I won't tell you it is always easy to implement. It takes a lot of guts and grit...but hey, what extraordinary person doesn't come complete with guts and grit? We are up for the task. That's exactly what sets us apart from the rest!

Whatever you might be wrestling with right now, I want you to know that...  

Get it now by learning and implementing this powerful formula. 

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The factors in this formula, all working together are so powerful that they have produced these results in my life:

I am eating disorder FREE

Insecurity -- Conquered

No more self pity - I am NOT a victim anymore. I won't give my power away

I live a life of forgiveness and I have overcome my anger

I can use self control to regulate my emotions

I embrace the truth, no matter how painful

I have overcome physical barriers that once held me back

I have started two businesses, written 2 books and am working on a third. I speak to a variety of audiences on leadership and other topics despite the fact that I do not have a college education and have no prior experience doing what I am doing today. 

I am living my purpose and passion and will not stop expanding my vision because I truly believe that with these factors at work in my life, all things are possible!

Listen, I am not bragging on myself here...I want you to see and understand that had I not implemented the principals I'm offering to share with you, I would not be here, doing what I'm doing right now. And I am doing it so that you can have your breakthrough, too. No matter how deep and dark your pit is, you can begin the climb out of it today.

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